Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recently...wish me well!

Recently I was experiencing sense of helplessness, confusion, frustration and anger at work. I can't remember how many time I was nearly "lose my control" of it. I was trying so hard to respond in a way that can build on my experience rather than fall victim to negative and self-defeating thinking. I always believe whatever the issue, the process of getting back on track is the same.
However, things are not as simple as I can imagine. I would never forget how painful the feeling was. Maybe do something like having a good cry to letting off steam by talking to someone about it or giving ourselves a little bit of pampering, it can counter the negativity, and also stops me from wallowing in my misery. It didn't help much, and I already thought of giving up. I need a bit more time to be recovery.
Every time I just questioned myself why things didn't turn out as I had hoped.
Some factors are outside my control. It brought me stress and disappointment. Should I just simply accept that? Or something I can do to change it? It doesn't matter what, I still need to move on with my live.
I have decided to set a health goals for myself. Wish me all the best on what my plan ahead!
Being positive, good news - to be continue ....

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